Sometimes the ones we love the most aren't able to share some of life's greatest milestones with us - but that doesn't mean you can't acknowledge those people in one way or another on your wedding day. We've compiled a list of some of the thoughtful ways our couples have honoured and remembered the special people who were unable to celebrate with them.

Photo displays

Photo displays at weddings are very popular - be it pictures of the newlyweds throughout their relationship, or for remembering loved ones with a simple 'wish you were here' card like in the picture above. Photo displays also provide a lovely excuse to reminisce about some of your most treasured people whilst choosing the photographs you want to use.

Favourite flowers

Sometimes you might want to keep it a little more subtle and close to the heart. A great way to do this is by using their favourite flower/s as part of your bouquet, buttonholes or floral arrangements.

Jewellery, Cufflinks or Tie

You might choose to wear a piece of their jewellery on your wedding day - again, subtle but a very personal touch - and if cufflinks and ties are your thing, you could wear your ones that belonged to your loved one. You could also have something bespoke made using gems, diamonds and/or metals from pieces of your loved one's jewellery and have it made into something that's your own whilst still holding a lot of sentiment.


A lot of people choose to light candles in memory of all those attending in spirit - either in their ceremony, reception or both. This can be something that you and your partner light together, or involve other members of your family too.

Favourite drink

Just like with the flowers, you can use their favourite drink as your toast or include it on the drinks menu as a way to acknowledge your loved one.

Favourite song

Dance to their favourite song or have it played during your ceremony.

Sew their memory into your dress or suit

This could be a photograph, a heart shaped cutting from their clothes or a simple note they once wrote - there's a number of things that can be cleverly sewn into your outfit to remember your loved one by.


Wear a perfume that reminds you of them.

Reserve a seat

Have a seat reserved for them at your ceremony or at the wedding breakfast - you could place a photo, flower or an item such as a hat that reminds you of them on the chair too.


Dedicating your favours to loved ones who are unable to join you is a sweet way to remember them by and include their memory in your day - this could be in the form of raising awareness of a charity, or by making something that relates back to them - like the family honey below. You could explain the reason behind the favours or let the dedication do all the talking.