Engagement or maternity sessions, family photos, or just a good ol' couple's adventure. No matter what the type of shoot, everyone asks the same question - "Just what on earth do we wear?!".

Don't worry, we've got you.

Here's some tips to help you pick out the PERFECT outfit for your upcoming session with us.

1. Keep the colours neutral.

This is the most common tip when it comes to outfit planning. We always recommend you avoid wearing bright colours or big logos. You want the main focus of your photos to be on you, not your outfit. Keeping the colours neutral will help keep the focus on the connection. Earth tones, cool or pastel colours always photograph well (see the colour palette for an idea of earthy tones), but if that doesn't really scream your style; no problem!

2. Dress comfortably.

Always wear something that you feel comfortable in and that you can easily move around in. Being comfortable in your clothes helps you feel confident and relax into your session. We also like to get our clients running around and/or having a little dance and the last thing you want to be worried about is whether your dress is going to flash everyone.

3. Compliment, don't match.

Co-ordinate your outfit choices rather than opt for wearing the exact same colours. To help you try and find complimentary colours, try finding a colour palette (like the one above) you like and match your outfits to that.

4. Be yourself.

This is THE most important tip we can give you. These photos are about YOU and telling YOUR story. This is why it is so essential that you dress like yourself. You know what you look good in and feel confident in, so wear that!

5. Aaall the layers.

Even summer evenings can get cold. A lot of perfect sunset locations also includes a lot of wind - and that can be chilly. It's always better to bring a few layers and take some off just in case.

Bonus tip: Remember to remove everything from your pockets to avoid unwanted outlines.