1. You don't have to keep it traditional if it isn't you.

Always, ALWAYS be true to yourself and go with your gut. Your wedding day isn't there to please other people, it exists because of YOU - it's your day, not theirs. If speeches aren't your thing, don't do them. If the thought of a first dance is getting you flustered, skip it. If you don't want to cut your cake, it's not a big deal. Just because other people have these things at their weddings, doesn't mean you have to have them at yours.

2. Only you know what was planned.

Something didn't quite go the way you had imagined? Let's not sweat it - only you know how things were meant to look or events that were meant to happen. Your guests probably won't even notice, no matter how noticeable you might think it is at the time. Things don't have to 'be perfect' to actually BE perfect when you look back.

3. Take time out for yourselves.

Before our wedding day a number of people told us to make sure we took some time away from our guests to soak up what had just happened. It was such a helpful tip that we always make sure to pass it on to all of our couples as well - you're married now and that's kinda a big deal! You will find that your day goes by in such a flash, that taking five to just breathe and be with your new spouse is such an important moment.

4. Keep yourself hydrated.

If you're anything like us your wedding day will start bright and early, and finish well past your usual bedtime. Wedding days are looooong (even though they might not feel like it). It's so important to have water handy to sip on throughout the day - don't be like Hannah who went 6am-4pm without a single drink and ended up with a huge headache by the evening. Keeping yourself hydrated and balancing out any alcoholic drinks (if that's you) will ensure you can enjoy your day to the end, rather than wanting to go to bed come 5pm.

5. Have an unplugged ceremony.

You've spent months planning this very moment, so the last thing you want is to be greeted by phones rather than faces. Ask your guests to keep these hidden for the ceremony - it's only for 30 minutes or so! Plus you've no doubt paid out for a decent photographer, and possibly videographer too, who will capture all of the important moments that need to be, so you don't want Uncle Bob thrusting his iPad in your face as you walk down the aisle. Also, your photographer will want to be capturing the reactions of your guests and not be met by a sea of phones.

Joe's bonus entry: Always go for the donut wall.

When we met with the stylist for our wedding* one of the questions we were asked was whether we wanted a donut wall in - I'm not sure how exactly that was a question as surely the answer would always be "ABSOLUTELY YES", but maybe that's just us donut fiends 👀. Anyway, a donut wall is any sprinkle donut lover's dream, and is a must in our books.

* also a great tip if your budget allows - hire a stylist to take all the stress out of decorating the venue yourself, especially if it's a larger venue. Our stylist was a set price for as much or little decoration as we wanted, and it also meant we had a surprise on our wedding day of our vision come to life.